About me

IMG_0194My name is Katerina or Katya how we usually say in Russia. I was born in St. Petersburg in 1983 in a family of mathematicians. In our flat we had lots of books and art albums with paintings (you know, in the time of late Soviet Union they didn’t cost much and we had several full bookcases…) and probably that is why since childhood I have a strong passion for art and culture. As I loved art so much, I tried to become an art person myself and started to write my own novels when I was 8 and had my first small book published in 1998. In 2000 I graduated from school and decided to enter the St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of History. Though my parents wanted me to follow their steps in mathematics or computers at least I had already decided that I want to study culture of the past. And now I can say that St. Petersburg contributed a lot to my passion for history because here you feel the atmosphere of the past centuries on every step! Moreover, my grandmothers were born here and they still keep the memories about heroic days of the World War II in Leningrad, and I grew up with their unique memories – so how could I choose anything else but not history??

In 2005 I graduated from the University with honors degree and decided to get PhD because I wanted to develop as a scientist and I got PhD in medieval history in 2008. I continued working as a tour guide and in 2008 I already started accompanying groups on the Viking cruises in Russia. I can say that I particularly enjoy working on the boat because it is the romance! Though it is a challenge of course because you have to stay on the boat and travel sometimes almost half a year! But the romance is learning something new about your own personality while sailing over rivers and remote lakes.

So now I guess you see that I am really hard-working and ambitious but deeply romantic at the same time. I still write novels by the way and this year I have my book published. My greatest passion is travelling, I mostly enjoy countries with bright medieval history like Italy or Spain… As my PhD work was dedicated to Byzantine frescos my first trip which I could afford when I earned my first money was a trip to Turkey because for many years I dreamt to see Byzantine frescos and Agia Sophia of Konstantinopol with my own eyes. You know, when I first came to Sophia I spent their three hours!.. I felt that the dream of my whole life came true.

I am currently doing research in literature but tourism still remains my occupation. I am trying to combine the career in tourism with a research career.

You are welcome to my blog http://go-petersburg.com/blog/ to learn more about me and (very much hope so!) find something interesting for you or even become my friends.