1. Coreen <>

    It was my husband’s and my pleasure to have Ekaterina be our guide on our August 2012 trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow. She was very knowledgeable about all of the sights in both cities. Even after very long days she was very patient, cheerful and helpful. She was willing to answer any questions that were asked of her. She went out of her way to make sure our needs were met. My husband wanted me to be sure and mention that she was exceptionally good with slower moving seniors. She never seemed rushed. I also observed her enjoyment when sharing her country’s history and sights with foreign visitors. I highly recommend her as a guide for any trip to Russia you may be planning. Russia was so beautiful and very much worth visiting! I would love to go back again and have Ekaterinaa be my guide again.

  2. Ted Davis <>

    My wife and I traveled to St. Petersburg last summer and were blessed to have Ekaterina as our guide. I was in search of a guide several months before our arrival in Russia. I was able to contact a number of people that were willing to share their knowledge of St. Petersburg with us. Visiting Russia is unlike visiting any other country and requires some invested time in knowing the “ins and outs” of what will be required to have a fruitful and enjoyable visit. From the very first communication, Ekaterina rose to the surface with a willingness to assist in every aspect of our travel. When we arrived in St. Petersburg she was on time and had tended to acquiring the proper papers for us to tour the city. She tended to our needs from A-Z not only showing us the sights, but sharing with us her favorite places to eat and just relax. Her driver was polite and respectful to all of us, including Ekaterina, and the car was immaculate.
    Needless to say, being a seasoned guide, she was most knowledgeable of the city, its politics and the culture. She was also very willing to share with us her personal perspective on subjects when we were inquisitive about her views. Russia is a fascinating place and Ekaterina has a wealth of information to share. Spending the days with Ekaterina was a pure please as she always approached each day with a wonderful energy, sincerity and a sense of professionalism.
    Anyone visiting St. Petersburg would be blessed to share time in their lives with this wonderful lady. She is sure to enhance your travel experience. It would be silly to go with the rest when you can go with the best!

  3. Jordan Samuel <>

    My husband and I just, as in a few hours ago, returned from St. Petersburg where we spent the last 3 days we had Ekaterina as our guide. I can attest to the fact that she is what you have read from prior reviews and her own comments. She was very knowledgeable about the sights and made a point of taking us to places off the beaten path where we were not being jostled by the hordes of other tourists; a welcome thing. (Alexander’s Palace was very nice as was the Russian Museum of Art and the Ethnicity museum.) We went places and learned things we never would have thought of but for our placing ourselves in her more than capable hands. She also happens to be a very nice person which is good since you are with her almost 8 hours sharing sights and a meal (she knows all the places for a good lunch and can get you in anywhere).

    In our 10 days in Russia we had a total of 4 guides and Ekaterina was by far the best of the bunch. I highly recommend her to anyone. You should feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about her.

  4. Диляра <>

    Очень понравилась двухдневная экскусия по Питеру! Интересно, не банально, не затянуто! Катя очень приятный в общении человек! В следующий раз обящательно поедем вместе по пригородам Санкт-Петербурга!

  5. Алексей Матросов <>

    Катенька молодец! Отличный гид с совершенно энциклопедическим знанием города, его достопримечательностей и истории. Не было вопроса на который она бы не ответила. Спасибо. Рекомендую.


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