A City Tour with Jussupovs palace and the Church on the Spilled blood

This tour will start with a 4-hour drive with the photo-stops and the visit of the Church on the Spilled blood and St Isaak’s cathedral where you will see unique examples of mosaics and stone carving. Then after lunch break you will proceed to the visit of the family house of the famous Russian aristocrats princes Jussupovs. The last owner of this palace, Prince Felix Jussupov, was known for his passion for art and esoteric. He claimed that he was able to call the ghosts of dead people. The palace preserved luxurious silver boudoir as well as the Moorish living room of the Prince’s wife Irina Jussupova, who was a relative of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. In the Moorish living room, you will feel yourself like in Alhambra Palace in Spain. The Jussupovs’ Palace has an atmosphere of the fin-de-siecle, and extreme luxury coexists here with the anticipation of cataclysms.