Catherine’s Palace and Pavlovsk

This is a full-day tour and takes about 8-9 hours depending on traffic and your own preferences. On this tour, you will visit two parks and two suburbian palaces, Catherine’s Palace and Pavlovsk. Catherine’s Palace is famous for the amber room, while Pavlovsk Palace is a unique monument, as long as it is an original palace preserved from the end of the eighteenth century. It belonged to different emperors in different times, while its start is related to the name of Emperor Paul I, son of Catherine the Great, who is often called the most mysterious emperor. Pavlovsk park is uniquely beautiful, its creator, widow of Paul I Empress Maria Fedorovna would ask “Why do I need Venice if I have Pavlovsk?” The park was created according her taste and has a female, elegant touch. It is a unique example of the garden design ofthe era of Romanticism. You can enjoy a horse ride on the tour.