St. Petersburg sights

This is a real “must see” in St Petersburg, the world famous museum which occupies 5 buildings and with the collection numbering more than 2000000 items. Famous Russian film director Alexander Sokurov called it “the Russian arc” because more»

The Jusupov Palace on the embankment of the Moika river is the real home of the aristocracy of the past, a pearl of the “old St. Petersburg”. Here you can feel privacy because that was not the official tsars’ residence but a cosy home for people who could afford whatever they would dream about. The palace is unique because more»

It is a piety that not all guests of St. Petersburg visit this place though it is really special and uniquely preserved, original palace of the end of the 18th century. Pavlovsk Palace was designed for the family of Emperor Paul I (son of Catherine the Great) and his wife Maria. It is located in one of the suburbs of St. Petersburg and had more»

Here you will find yourself in the atmosphere of the most opulent age in the Russian history – middle of the 18th century. Endless feasts, gold and porcelain everywhere, dresses of enormous sizes, tremendous hairdos and thousands of serves… more»